Exercises To Diminish Excess Belly Fat

Last reviewed on: 04th October, 2020

Exercises are among the paramount things you can do if you need to live longer with healthy life and free from diseases. Exercise are effective in dropping belly fat, Aerobic exercises such as walking, running and swimming has been revealed to reduce stomach fat. 

Another study found that exercise entirely prohibits people from re-gaining belly fat after weight loss, denoting that exercises are principally important throughout weight maintenance. Exercise also helps to reduce inflammation, blood sugar levels and all the other metabolic abnormalities that are accompanying with central obesity. The following are the best exercises to reduce excess belly Fat. 

1. Crunches
Crunches are the best exercises to reduce belly fat, it will aid you to simply burn belly fat and if this exercise is combined with appropriate diet consumption, and then you can realize actual results in quick time. 
  • Lie your back horizontally on a mat and bent your knees with your feet touching the ground.
  • Take your hands just behind your head.
  • Take a deep breath and lift your upper body off the floor, you need to breathe out when you are lifting your body.
  • Once you take your body back to its original position you need to breathe in, once you come up you need to breathe out.
  • Do all the above procedures for 10 times and then recap for two or three more sets.
2. Reverse Crunches
It is another exercise that will assist you to easily get rid of belly fat. Check out the following procedures; 
  • Lie your back on a mat and then raise your knees with the feet fixed on the ground.
  • Retain both the hands on either side of your body.
  • Push your feet in a manner that your thighs are at right angles to the ground and your feet are off the ground.
  • Now lift your back such that your knees turn on the way to your chest.
  • Breathe in when you put your feet on the ground and breathe out when you lift your back and move your knees in the direction of the chest.
  • Recap these procedures for 10 times and for two more sets
3. Twist Crunches
It is performed the same as crunch exercise but the difference is that you will have to rotate your shoulder in the direction of the other shoulder.
  • Lie your back horizontally on a mat with your hands behind your head.
  • Bend your knees and ensure that the feet do not touch the ground.
  • Then move your upper body on the way to your knees similar to crunch exercise, while twisting your right shoulder in the direction of your left shoulder (the left chest must be on the ground)
  • Recap the same way on the other side by lifting your left shoulder towards the right with the right chest resting on the ground.
  • Recap the same procedure for 10 to 12 times.
4. Vertical Leg Crunch 
  • Lie with your back on the floor, spread both your legs to the maximum and make sure that you cross one knee over the other.
  • Now recap the same as from crunch exercise.
  • Inhale while you lift and cross the knees and exhale once you move your upper body towards your knees.
  • Recap these procedures for 10 to 15 times for three sequential sets.
5. Side Crunches
These exercises resemble to twist crunch exercise, the only difference here is that you will have to lift your right leg up while you are slanting your left shoulder towards the right shoulder and vice versa. Recap for 10 to 12 times each side for 2 sequential sets. 

The side crunches will aid you to reduce excess belly fat and providing a suitable workout for your love handles.

6. Bicycle Exercise
It is difference from other crunch exercise, also can help you remove surplus fat around your stomach area. The procedures are as follows; 
  • Lie horizontal on the floor and retain both the hands on each side of your head.
  • Now raise both your legs from the floor and bow them at your knees.
  • Now pull your right knee near to your chest with your left leg out. Once you are bringing the right knee up you can try to meet your left elbow with your right knee to have a perfect belly crunch.
  • Then move your right leg out and bring your left knee near to your chest. Now, raise your upper body and ensure that your right elbow touches your left knee for a perfect crunch.
  • Recap this for 10 to 12 times for both the sides and for two sequential sets.
7. Rolling plank exercise
It is another widespread exercise that will work best on your lower back, hip and stomach areas. The procedures are as follows;
  • Lie horizontally on the floor in a manner that your knees and elbows are resting on the ground.
  • Look forward so that your neck is aligned with your backbone.
  • Now rise the knees up in order to support your legs on your toes.
  • Contract your knees and retain in floorboard pose for about 30 seconds, ensure that you take breaths normally during this routine.
  • Then move to and fro for the next half a minute to set up a rolling plank exercise.
8. Lunge Twist
It is another important exercise for removing surplus abdominal fats; check out the following procedures; 
  • Move your left foot forward and bow your left knee. You will feel the confine stretch on your right leg.
  • Now raise your hands comparable to the ground and ensure that they are ahead of you.
  • Move forward with your left leg and be seated as if you are sitting on a chair. Your right leg should be located backwards and use your toes to support your right leg.
  • Ensure that your upper body and the backbone are in the upright position to carry out perfect lunges.
  • Then carry out the same lunge exercise on the other leg.
  • Recap this for 15 times.
9. Side To Side Bending
Twisting side to side helps in reducing surplus fat deposits in your belly area, but it also helps in giving a perfect shape of your body. The procedures are as follows: 
  • Position yourself in an erect position with your feet together, raise both your hands and straighten above your head and ensure that they are grasped together.
  • Now twist your body to your left side as much as possible until you feel a pressure on your right side. Constrain this position for 15 seconds.
  • Then come back to the same upright position.
  • Recap the same on the right side. Now clasp this position for about 15 seconds.
  • Once you get a calm holding on for 15 seconds, you can increase it to 30 seconds or more on both sides.
10. Stomach Vacuum
These are low impact exercises that also reduce stomach fats, they concentrates mainly on breathing. 
  • Knockout the ground on all fours by assisting your body on your knees and hands.
  • Take a deep inhalation and ensure that your stomach is loose.
  • Exhale and ensure that you hold your stomach muscles tight during breath.
  • Hold the stomach contraction for about 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Recap this process for 15 times for two to three sets daily.
11. Captain’s Chair
Involve a chair to do this exercise, it is a simple exercise that will aid you reducing surplus stomach fat. 
  • Sit on the chair with an upright backbone and straight shoulders.
  • Place both your hands on each side with the palms of the hands facing downwards, and then take a deep breath.
  • As you exhale make sure that you take both your legs upwards such that your knees are very close to the chest.
  • Hold in this position for 5 to 10 seconds, do not arch your back or bow forwards while your knees are adjacent to your chest.
  • Bring your legs back to the floor and recap the same process for 15 times.
12. Walking
Walking is another important exercise for you in reducing surplus belly fat, it is a fat burner for your whole body. Sharp walking for 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 5 times a week will aid you sees an ongoing change in your weight. It is a low impact exercise that will provide a good workout to your heart and boosting your metabolism.

13. Jogging
Jogging is an action of running at a stable, mild pace as a form of physical exercise or simply slow running. Jogging is followed after you have mastered the skill of speed walking, you can change to jogging that will aid in easily removing excess body/stomach fat. Jogging will help you to stay free from obesity and removing belly fat. 

14. Running
It is different from jogging (slow running), running means moving faster than jogging. It will aid in making your heart beat faster, refreshing your body and lose surplus stomach fat. 

15. Cardio Exercises
Cardio is any workout that raises your heart rate, it is more than just running or fast walking. The following are some examples cardio exercise; Burpees, Jump rope, jumping jacks, Squat jumps, Kickboxing, Dancing, Running the stairs, jogging in place e.tc. These exercises will aid you to easily remove surplus belly fat. Performing cardio exercises for 30 minutes a day for at least 4 to 5 times a week will also help in decreasing stress, improve lung capacity, retains your heart healthy and reduces excess stomach fats.

16. Swimming
Swimming is another good exercise that will aid you to remove belly fat and help you to shape your body. It is important to choose the best hits that will be vigorous and up pace exercises so that you are able to burn a lot of calories. You can swim at least once or twice a week primarily.

You can do all these workouts at home without the help or guidance of a qualified trainer. If you follow these exercises effectively then you will have the best results.

Posted by: Lusubilo A. Mwaijengo

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