Why You Suffer From Excess Belly Fat?

Last reviewed on: 22nd September, 2020

It is common for you to have specific belly fat that will help in softening the bones and the organs and to guard them. But, additional belly fat is a matter of huge concern and you will be able to get rid of the tensions of extra belly fat through exercises and taking in a low carbohydrate diet. The following are some of the reasons on why you have excess fat around your abdomen area: 

1. Reduced Metabolism
As you begin to age, the metabolism rate of your body decelerates and this results in increased fat storage on your belly. Women are easily vulnerable to belly fat than men. You might be questioning why some of your friends who eat fried and sugar based foods most of the time have a plane stomach and you always put on fat around your stomach area. The main reason behind this is that your families or friends have a higher metabolism rate than yours. 

2. Genetics 
Scientist proved that the fat cells that grow in your body depend on your genetic factor (Genes). If your family members have surplus belly fat, then you too will have belly fat. Belly fat structures are of two types; Pear shaped and Apple shaped. Pear shaped means the fat in your body accumulates at in the lower part of your body like the buttocks and Apple shaped means the fat in your body gets accumulated around the belly area. 

3. Settled Lifestyle 
If you have lifestyle with no physical exercise and spend most of your time on watching TV or computer, then later you will have high accumulation of fat around your stomach. 

4. Eating too much 
If you are eating more than you should eat, then you are at high risk of becoming overweight or obesity, later belly fat occurs. 

5. Poor Sitting Position 
Proper sitting position is also relating with belly fat formation, if you always slump when you sit on the chair, then you will have fat accumulation around your belly area. You should normally sit straight on a chair. 

6. Diseases and Stress 
Sicknesses such as breast cancer, sleep apnea, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in women will upshot fat accumulation around their stomach area. Stress also causes the accumulation fats around your waistline by increasing the level of cortisol in your body that brings to belly fat. 

7. Sagging Muscles 
Saggy muscles around your stomach area causes excess belly fat, sagging stomach means you have weak abdominal muscles. Fat burning exercises will strengthen these muscles and reduce belly fat accumulation. 

8. Hormonal Changes 
Hormones play a vital role in adjusting the fat concentration in a woman’s body. As a woman tends to reach middle age, the ratio of the body fat will rise in proportion to her body weight. Therefore risk of accumulating fat around the waist area increases during menopause. 

Posted by: Lusubilo A. Mwaijengo

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