Medicinal Secrets of Warm Water

Hi my readers?  Today I come with the important health topic about using warm water as medicine. Most of you have heard about it and others are still using warm water to resolve their health problems.

Researchers have confirmed that warm water is 100% effective in resolving some health problems such as;

1. Migraine
2. High blood pressure
3. Low blood pressure
4. Pain of joints
5. Sudden increase and decrease of heart beat
6. Epilepsy
7. Increasing level of Cholesterol
8. Cough
9. Bodily discomfort
10. Gout pain
11. Asthma
12. Whopping cough
13. Blockage of veins
14. Disease related to uterus and urine
15. Stomach problems
16. Poor appetite
17. Also all diseases related to eyes, ears and throat
18. Headache
19. And much more.....

It is simple!...
(a) Get up early in the morning and drinking approximately two (2) glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty. You may not be able to make two (2) glasses at the beginning but slowly you will.

(b) In order to have better and fast recovery of your health problems, use warm water daily as explained in (a) above. Use warm water as part of your life, you will see Amazing results!.

Eat anything after 45 minutes

Don't eat anything at the moment you finish drinking warm water, eat after 45 minutes.
If cold water does not affect you at young age, it will harm you at old age.

Effects of Cold water
(a) It closes four veins of the heart and causes Heart attack.
(b) It also creates problems in the liver. Most people waiting for liver transplant are victims of cold water drinking.
(c) It affects internal walls of the stomach
(d) It affects the large intestine and results to cancer.

*If you have any opinions about this article, feel free to leave your comment below; You are welcome!

Posted by: Lusubilo A. Mwaijengo


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