Natural Home Remedies for Mouth Odor (Halitosis)

Mouth odor (bad breath) typically originates in the mouth, where bacteria are ever present. When you eat, bits of food get caught in your teeth. Bacteria grow on these bits of food, releasing foul-smelling sulfur compounds.

Many people of all ages have bad breath. Sometimes it is only for a short period, and with others it is persistent (always). You can develop halitosis even if you brush and floss regularly in fact, in most cases, bad breath is caused by the gums and tongue not the teeth.

The most common cause of bad breath is poor dental hygiene. If you dont brush and floss often, the bacteria in your mouth continue to grow, and a thin film of bacteria known as plaque builds up on your teeth. When plaque isnt brushed away at least twice per day, it produces a foul odor and leads to another smelly process, tooth decay.

Most people with mouth odor (bad breath) are not confidence (for those who know they've bad breath) simply because of the odor from their mouth. Sometimes the condition may affect love relationship, Today I'll show you how to get rid of mouth odor. There are some natural remedies that can be used at home to treat mouth odor permanently, follow me on this article.

People with mouth odor may brush their teeth and mouth daily as other people do, but the condition still persist. Also may be they've tried as many medicine as they can but still the problem occurs.

There are some people who broke love relationships to their boyfriend or girlfriend because of mouth odor. Also others can't listen  perfectly closer to someone with mouth odor, therefore people who know they'd this condition are normally not confidence.

Mouth odor need to be treated effectively because of its potential, though other people may ignore as normal problem. Most people didn't know that they'd problem, because you can't know for yourself and most people can't tell You for your condition. You can detect you've this condition when speaking to your fellow friend or your love one, as your fellow friend can't listen you directly and you'll see silent action of diverting their face.

A lot of medicines for mouth odor are currently available, they are ranging from artificial medication to natural home remedies. May be you've tried as many medicines as you can but the condition still persist, try the following natural home remedies

1. Baking soda
Studies have shown that baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) can effectively kill bacteria in the mouth. Research indicates that toothpastes containing high concentrations of baking soda effectively reduce bad breath.

Baking soda is an alkaline in nature that neutralizes the high acidic levels in your mouth which is the major cause of bad breath. Also have antimicrobial properties which help for killing bacteria in your mouth, its alkalinity causes no harm to the teeth, gums or bones.

Baking soda can be used itself or by mixing with other remedies, the following explanations shows how to use baking soda;

1.1. Baking soda
How to use?
(a) Mix some baking soda powder (1 tsp) with warm water
(b) Use the mixture in (a) to brush your teeth with your toothbrush
(c) Rinse your mouth with plain water.
(d) Do the above procedures for at least once daily until you recover.

You may use only baking soda powder with your toothbrush to brush your teeth at least once daily until you recover.

Your condition will recover for at least one month

1.2. Baking soda with Lemon juice
Lemon have acid that exerts a bactericidal effect on the odor causing bacteria, bactericidal effect means antibacterial property that kills bacteria. The combining antibacterial property of both baking soda and lemon juice create a great treatment of your mouth odor.

How to use?
(a) Prepare your lemon juice
(b) Mix 1 tsp of baking soda with the prepared mixture in (a)
(c) Take your toothbrush, deep in the mixture in (b) then brush your teeth and your mouth or you may rinse 1-2 tsp of the mixture in (b) for a minute
(d) Rinse your mouth with plain water
(e) Do the above procedures for at least once daily until you recover.

Your condition may recover after a month or two

1.3. Baking soda with salt
Salt and baking soda do the same job, salt helps in neutralizing the pH in the mouth that also possesses antimicrobial properties.

How to use?
(a) Prepare one glass of water
(b) Add 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of salt in a glass of water then stirring the mixture
(c) Gargle with this solution for about a minute, repeat this every day until you recover.

Gargle means cleaning one's mouth by holding water or some other liquid in the back of the mouth and blowing air out from the lungs.

1.4. Baking soda with honey
Honey is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing digestive lining that may be inflamed whereas baking soda helps in bringing back the pH balance in the stomach. Bad breath is also caused due to pH imbalance in the stomach and other digestive issues.

How to use?
(a) Prepare one glass of water
(b) Add 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of honey in a glass of water then stirring the mixture.
(c) Drink the mixture in (b) once a day for several days until you recover.

1.5. Baking soda with apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar, or cider vinegar, is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice, and used in salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrette, food preservatives, and chutneys. It is made by crushing apples, then squeezing out the juice. Bacteria and yeast are added to the liquid to start the alcoholic fermentation process, which converts the sugars to alcohol.

In a second fermentation step, the alcohol is converted into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria (Acetobacter species). Acetic acid and malic acid combine to give vinegar its sour taste. Apple cider vinegar can help kill pathogens, including bacteria of your mouth, also help in neutralizing mouth  pH.

To learn more about Apple cider vinegar CLICK HERE.

How to use?
(a) Prepare one glass of water
(b) Mix 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water then stirring the mixture
(c) Rinse your mouth with this mixture for couple of seconds and spit it out
(d) Do the above procedures once a day daily until you recover.

2. Water
Your mouth naturally dries out while you sleep, which is why breath is typically worse in the morning. Research shows that mouth dryness often causes bad breath. Saliva plays a very important role in keeping your mouth clean. Without it, bacteria thrive.

How to use?
Drink water at least eight glasses per day, this will prevent dry mouth by keeping your body hydrated also help to encourage saliva production.

3. Yogurt
Yogurt contains healthy bacteria called lactobacillus. These healthy bacteria can help combat bad bacteria in various parts of your body, like your gut.

Research shows that yogurt may also help reduce bad breath. A study found after six weeks of eating yogurt, 80 percent of participants had a reduction in bad breath. Probiotics in yogurt are effective in reducing the severity of bad breath.

How to use?
Eat at least one serving per day of plain nonfat yogurt until you recover.

4. Orange
Oranges known for promoting dental hygiene, oranges are rich in vitamin C. Research shows that vitamin C helps increase saliva production, which can help eliminate bad breath. Many people have bad breath because they dont produce enough saliva to wash away foul-smelling bacteria.

How to use?
Eat at least one orange per day until you recover, if your condition recovered don't stop eating oranges because they've more other health benefits.

5. Milk
Milk is a well-known cure for bad breath. Research shows that drinking milk after eating garlic can significantly improve garlicky breath.

How to use?
Drink a glass of low of full fat milk during or after a meal containing strong smelling foods like garlic and onions.

6. Fennel or anise seeds
Since ancient times, fennel and anise seeds have been used to freshen breath. In parts of India, roasted fennel seeds are still used as mukhwas, or mouth fresheners, to cleanse after-dinner breath. They taste sweet and contain aromatic essential oils that give the breath a fresh scent.

Photo: Fennel seeds

Photo: Anise seeds

How to use?
Eat fennel or anise seeds when roasted or plain

All foods get stuck in your teeth, but certain foods like onions and garlic more commonly lead to bad breath. Digestion of these foods releases sulfur compounds into your bloodstream. When the blood reaches your lungs, it affects your breath.

Bacteria can also accumulate on the tongue, causing a foul smell. A practice known as tongue scraping can help you remove this thin layer of film. Using your toothbrush or a specialized tongue scraper, brush or scrape your tongue at least once per day.

Various researches proved that poor dental hygiene is the most common cause of bad breath. Preventing plaque buildup is the key to maintaining a healthy mouth. Some people find that brushing after every meal is necessary to prevent decay and bad breath. To prevent bacteria from growing on bits of food stuck in your teeth, floss at least once per day. Floss means a thread, used to clean the area between the teeth. If you've mouth odor try one of the above listed home remedies depending on your preference. Also if one of the above remedies help and your condition recovered, please let me know by commenting below.

If you've any opinions about this article, share your experience with us about this matter on the comment section below. You're welcome!, See you next time.

Posted by: Lusubilo A. Mwaijengo


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