New Movies 2021 Out Now

Good Options of New Movies 2021 Out Now

Watching movies becomes good entertainment. The storyline, characters, visual and sound effects, and other aspects are great things that make people love to watch movies. In this case, new movies are always released, and it makes all movie-lovers never run out of entertainment. Of course, there are recommendations for new movies 2021 out now

In 2021, there are many great movies planned to be released. For the movies that are now out, there are some good titles that you should watch: 

1.Godzilla vs Kong 

The first title is Godzilla vs Kong. This is something interesting for the monster lovers. Two great monsters appear in the same films, and these are exciting movies to watch. There are also humans who try to eliminate the two powerful monsters. 

2. Mortal Kombat

This is one of the good movies in 2021, and one of the best choices of new movies 2021 out now. This is about Cole Young who are being hunted by Shang Tsung and his armies. They want to take the inheritance owned by Cole Young’s family. Shang Tsung sends Sub Zero to catch Cole Young. In the end, he decides to fight them, and he meets the legendary character of Mortal Kombat, Lui Kang, together with Kung Lao and Kano. 

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