Starbucks Cups 2021

Good Collections of Starbucks Cups 2021

For coffee lovers, especially the Starbucks, surely you will know that there are some special cups released in stores. There are always nice collections of cups that you should grab since it is an authentic design by Starbucks. For now, there are some good Starbucks cups 2021 that you should check.

Every cup and tumbler made by Starbucks is surely special. They are worth collecting. There are also collections of 50th anniversary. These are some good cups that you should have.

1. Mermaid Tail Mug

The first one is a mermaid tail mug. This is one of the collections dedicated to celebrate the 50th anniversary. As its name, the design shows mermaid tails on the outer surface of the cup with gold lining. It is limited edition so it may not appear again the next time.

2. Gold Studded Tumbler

This may not be a cup, but it is still a worthy collection of Starbucks cups. This has a gold color that makes it look luxurious. Moreover, the surface is ornamented with the honeycomb pattern so it looks great.

3. Sweet Strawberry

The name shows the appearance of the cup. This is a nice cup with transparent pink material. There is nothing special on its cup surface other than the iconic logo of Starbuck. However, the top of the cup has a cover in a shape of whipped cream, a strawberry, and straw. This surely becomes one of the cutest starbucks cups 2021.

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