Dr Seuss Week 2021

Various Celebrations of Dr Seuss Week 2021

Dr Seuss Day is a special celebration in the United States. This is also called Read Across America Day. This is a special moment inaugurated by the National Education Association (NEA) in the United States. The main celebration is held every 2 March. This is also the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel or what people know as Dr Seuss. He was a famous artist, writer, publisher, and cartoonist. Normally, the celebration is held in events for some days, including the dr seuss week 2021. In fact, it is not a kind of celebration that has been celebrated annually for hundreds of years, but it still becomes a special event to commemorate the contribution of Dr Seuss for all kids.  

This is mostly celebrated in school. It is because Dr Seuss is famous as the one who wrote many children’s books. There are many kinds of events during dr seuss week 2021. For example, there is Schoolwide Pajama Day. During the event, kids wear pajamas and bring their favorite Dr Seuss book that later can be shared. Then, some schools also have Favorite Book Character Day. The students are allowed to wear the costumes that represent their favorite character in the story books, especially the ones written by Dr Seuss. Each school and institution can create many kinds of interesting events for kids that later can encourage them in learning and reading. 

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