2021 GMC Acadia SLT

Performance and Features of 2021 GMC Acadia SLT

SUV is becoming one of the most popular types of car right now. You can drive the car conveniently in most of the road conditions. Of course, it is a good option for family cars since the type of car provides more seats that can provide around 6 seats or more. For the good option of SUV, 2021 gmc acadia slt can be picked. There are some surely some interesting things that make the car recommended.

Acadia SLT is one of the types coming from GMC in its SUV lineups. The 2021 gmc acadia slt and SLE are quite similar, but the SLT model is the one with higher specification, especially in terms of its engine. Regarding the details, these are some interesting points of the Acadia SLT.


a 2.0L turbo engine is brought by this car. With this engine, the SUV can produce up to 228 horsepower. This is better than the SLE series that brings a 2.5L engine with 193 horsepower.

Luxurious seats

It can be said that the interior will become important factors, and Acadia SLT gives the good meaning of luxury and comfort. The seats are made of leather to give better comfort and good look.

Supporting features

The SUV provides some useful features and technology to bring greater convenience. One of them is the Rear Park Assist that can provide necessary assistance to park the car smoothly and easily. There is also Side Blind Zone Alert that may provide more protection while driving the car.

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