Super Bowl Logo 2021

Design of Super Bowl Logo 2021

The Super Bowl becomes an interesting event in the United States. Every year, the event is full of supporters from many places. This event is like the peak event for the NFL or National Football League. In every season, the Super Bowl will be the moment when the strongest teams meet in the finals and compete to get the title as champion and get the Trophy of Vince Lombardi. Each season, there is an interesting logo, and there is also the upcoming super bowl logo 2021.

For the upcoming event, Super Bowl LVI, it will be held in Los Angeles. This event is held in February 2022. So far, the logo is already released and published. It has been a long time since the event is held in Los Angeles. In this case, there are interesting points regarding the super bowl logo 2021.

Symbol of Trophy

From the logo, it is clear that there is symbol of Lombardi Trophy in the logo. This is to show the identity of the event and the final goal in which to become winner of NFL and grab the trophy.

Representation of Southern California

Then, there are some points that reflect the good view of southern California. It is represented by the use of color that imitates the gradient during the sunset in the area. Then, there are also silhouettes of palm trees in the three letters that also show the beautiful colors of sunset.

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