2021 KIA Sportage LX

Engine and Techs Offered by 2021 KIA Sportage LX

SUV cars are popular options for vehicles nowadays. There are many reasons for it, and one of them is about the cabin capacity. Then, its power and comfort become good points since it can accommodate most types of road conditions. In this case, KIA brings 2021 kia sportage lx as the lineup of its SUV.

KIA brings something interesting for the Sportage LX. This car should be able to compete with the other SUV models at the same level. The starting price is around $24,000. With this price, there are some interesting features to point out:


In terms of its engine, at least there is a 2.0L turbocharged engine. This engine is powerful enough to provide up to 240 horsepower. This is supported by the Dynamax All-wheel drive (AWD) system and the precise handling to support the driving experience of the car.

Technologies in the cabin

Next, it is to see some techs installed in the cabin. 2021 kia sportage lx already supports wireless charging since now many phones already support this type of charging system. Then, it is easy to integrate the phone to the system in the car since it supports both Android and iOS devices. In terms of entertainment, drivers and passengers will feel good quality of entertainment from the Harman Kardon sound system installed in the cabin.

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