Best Dash Cam 2021

Two Options of Best Dash Cam 2021

Dash cam is more than just ornaments or additional devices installed in cars. In fact, some places have set regulations in which every car should have dash cam. The camera is very useful since it can become a third eyes in the road that will record all things that happen there, especially when there is accident or certain events. The record or clips from the camera can become useful proofs. That is why the best dash cam 2021 is needed since it gives good quality.

As for personal purpose, dash cam can provide many interesting clips, especially when it is during a traveling moment. Instead of holding the cams, it is better to use the dash cam. In this case, there are some good cams to choose.

Nextbase 622GW

This becomes one of the best dash cam 2021. The camera has high resolution, since it can record video in 4K resolution that runs in 30 fps. The quality is great, and it likes cinematic videos. Then, it can be connected to what3words geolocation that can be helpful on the road. For operations, it can be connected to Alexa for voice command. As for alternatives, it comes with a touch screen display.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Next option of best dash cam is Garmin Dash Cam 66W. It may not give high resolution up to 4K as the previous one, but it is already enough since it can give up to 1440p. Then, it gives a 180-degree view, so it is very useful to monitor things that happen on the road. Moreover, it can automatically run its recording and save the clips once the sensors detect an accident.

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