Starbucks Cup Release Dates 2021

Spring and 50th Anniversary Starbucks Cup Release Dates 2021

Starbucks always have nice collections of cups and tumblers. There are some occasional events that will inspire the design. For the recent events, it is the Spring combined with the 50th anniversary of Starbucks. Regarding the starbucks cup release dates 2021, they are released in the early March, and there are something interesting about the designs.

It is true that the collections of cups, mugs, and tumblers for the recent month are quite special. It becomes combination of two themes, spring and anniversary. However, there are actually differences in term of specific design. These are some of them.

Mermaid Tail Glass Mug

As for the special and limited edition of item for the 50th anniversary, this is one of the special one. The mug is special since it shows the ornaments of mermaid tails on surface of clear glass mug. The tails have gold lining that make it so special and luxurious.

Blue floral tumbler

As for the collections of starbucks cup release dates 2021 with the theme of spring, blue floral tumbler is one of them. This is nice tumbler with domination of blue. Then, there are floral patterns in white, orange, and pink. It is not clear regarding the type of flower, but it seems to be lily.

Ceramic floral bunnies and flowers mug

It is almost similar to the blue floral tumbler. The mug also has design of blue as the dominant color. The shape of mug is quite funny and interesting. There is white bunny with some ornaments of flowers in light blue, white, orange, and pink.

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